BATMAN - Justice League Tactical Batsuit Hot Toys 1:6 scale figure

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With Batman as one of the most popular characters in DC Comics, Hot Toys is proud to present to fans their latest 1/6th scale Batman (Tactical Batsuit Version) collectible figure based on the Justice League movie!

Meticulously crafted based on the image of Ben Affleck as Batman/ Bruce Wayne in Justice League, the figure showcases the never-before-seen Tactical Batsuit with visible upgrades. The 1/6th scale Batman figure features a masked head sculpt, 3 interchangeable eye pieces and 3 lower faces capturing Ben Affleck’s facial expressions, 2 interchangeable goggles, a newly developed body portraying Batman’s muscular build, intricately detailed Tactical Batsuit, an array of Batman gadgets, and a specially designed Justice League themed figure stand.