Catch ‘Em All for Less: Pokemon Obsidian Flames Price Drop!

Catch ‘Em All for Less: Pokemon Obsidian Flames Price Drop!

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This is Cool! Merch calling all Pokemon trainers (and Pokemon TCG enthusiasts)! Get ready to rip those packs and build out your decks, because we’ve got fantastic news. We’ve just unleashed price drops on the latest Pokemon Set, Obsidian Flames.

Booster & Blister Packs

If you’ve been attempting to catch ‘em all (without breaking the bank) you’re in for a treat. Now, you can get the newest Pokémon Obsidian Flames booster packs at just £3.40, originally £4.30. Yes, you heard that right! And for just £13, you can grab a Pokemon Obsidian Flames 3-pack blister, previously priced at £15.

Elite Trainer Boxes

Want something a bit more substantial (including damage dice)? Buy the stunning Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box featuring 9 booster packs, 65 card sleeves, and nestled in a charming Charmander-themed storage box. The price has been reduced from £50 to a mere £43.

Full Boxes

For our dedicated Pokemon TCG collectors seeking the rarest finds, we've got something special. Increase your chances with a full box of boosters, now available for an incredible £114, down from the original £154.80.

Expansion Highlights

With this Pokemon set's unique illustrated rare cards showcasing iconic characters (we’re looking at you Charizard), the introduction of new Pokémon EX cards, and the innovative gameplay of Type-Shifted Tera Pokémon EX cards, this set promises to be the most exciting to date. We’ve been loving Obsidian Flames so far - and so have our customers in-store!

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