Cool! Merch Beginner’s Guide to Anime Figures

Cool! Merch Beginner’s Guide to Anime Figures

Hey fellow anime enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the captivating world of anime figures? Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, we've got the lowdown on the basics that will have you navigating the figure universe like a pro.

We’re not just your friendly neighbourhood anime figure purveyors. We’re passionate collectors ourselves! Yep, some of our Cool! Merch staff are hardcore anime figure enthusiasts. We don’t just appreciate an epic anime display in the shop, we’ve got our own personal galleries at home, too! So, when it comes to sharing the love for these exquisite pieces of art, you’re in the hands of true devotees.


Think of scale figures as the crème de la crème of the figure world - scaled relative to the ‘real’ character’s size. These bad boys boast the highest standard and jaw-dropping quality. They might be a tad pricey, but trust us, the level of detail is worth every penny!

Most common scales are 1/7 and 1/8, but keep an eye out for the rising star, 1/6. Few even come with moveable joints or rad accessories. Pro tip: they make an impressive centrepiece for any collection with bases that can resemble scene backdrops.


 Ever won something cool at a crane game? Well, imagine scoring awesome figures the same way! That's the magic of prize figures. Cost-effective, smaller in size, and rocking simpler designs, these PVC wonders are perfect for building up your collection without breaking the bank. Easy to find, easy to love – with a straightforward base and stand to seal the deal.

We're always impressed by the unique variety and gorgeous designs of Hatsune Miku prize figures


Non-scale figures are, as the name implies, not to scale. So, in the whimsical world of non-scale figures, imagination knows no bounds!

Nendoroids, as well as adorable 'Look-Ups' and Q Poskets, steal the show. These little fellas come with accessories galore – exchangeable face plates, arms, and more! You can even give them a style makeover with clothes and accessory packs. Keep in mind, though, Nendoroids are like rare Pokémon; they're only around for a limited time. But fear not, beloved characters might get a second edition.


Want your figures to be as dynamic as your favourite anime scenes? Look no further than articulated figures, such as the renowned Figma series. With moveable joints and a ton of extra pieces, you have the power to recreate epic moments from your beloved shows. Prices vary, but the posing possibilities are off the charts – making them a must for every aspiring collector!

At Cool! Merch, we've got your anime figure cravings covered! In fact, we stock all of these, from scale all the way to articulated. So check out the full collection online. Remember: we are always getting new figures in (and they fly off the shelves), so check back often!
If any of these figures caught your eye, or if you're dreaming of a specific one, hit us up. We might be able to work some magic to make it yours. Happy collecting, and may your merch shelves be forever filled! 🌟✨
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