Don’t Slumber on Magic the Gathering: The Wilds of Eldraine!

Don’t Slumber on Magic the Gathering: The Wilds of Eldraine!

News just-in for MTG players and collectors alike, The latest Magic The Gathering set has dropped at Cool! Merch.
Remember Throne of Eldraine - the Magic the Gathering set first released in 2019? You know, the medieval fantasy set that's broadly considered one of the most powerful. Well, MTG has returned to Eldraine only this time it’s a little wilder! We have it all — draft, set and collector’s boosters, gift and collector’s bundles (including set boosters), commander decks and more!

What’s it all about?  

Now that the curse of the Wicked Slumber has seized the people of Eldraine all manner of chaos has been unleashed. Including an ancient force from the wilds, with its sights set firmly on a half-fae boy.
With unique twists on fantasy fairytales and fables, including a sword-wielding sleeping beauty and gingerbread heroes, there’s a lot of fun to be had out there in the wild woods. But fables are not the only thing transformed in the Wilds of Eldraine! Although not standard legal, Enchanted Tails sees fan-favourite cards returning in this set with a brand new look!
But what of play? Players can also bargain in the wilds — sacrifice an artefact, enchantment, or token as an additional cost to cast. Enchant creatures too, with seven new predefined role tokens, each one an Aura. Just to name a few! So... what else is there?

Set boosters

Ahhh the MTG set booster (our favourite.) Designed to give fans the most rewarding, pack-cracking experience, you can buy individual packs or a full display box of thirty!
Each booster contains 12 cards in total. With a least one rare or mythic card guaranteed, at least one alt-art borderless card, and a shining foil in every pack where can you go wrong? At the very least your common cards will be shiny. You may also pull a set-specific art card featuring a foil signature from the artist who created it!

Gift Bundle

Prefer a collector’s chest bursting with magical goodies as opposed to a smaller (but still awesome) treasure token? The Wilds of Eldraine Bundle has plenty to give players and collectors alike.
Containing 8 set boosters, this set bundle also includes 40 basic lands, half of which are foils. You also get a life counter for play, two reference cards and a foil, alt-art promo card. It also comes packaged in a beautiful themed box to store it all in. Like the bundles before it, it's sturdy, roomy, and above all pretty - we're looking at you, Eriette.


Commander Decks

Choose the Tegwyl of the Fae Dominion or Syr Ellivere of Virtue & Valor!
Containing a full 100-card deck, you're ready to play! Players also get a foil-etched commander, 10 double-sided tokens, a life tracker and a helper card. Not only that, a sample collector’s booster pack is also tucked away inside. Store your goodies in the box included in the commander deck.

Collector Boosters 

 For the collector or lover of all things foil, behold: the collector booster.
Each Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster contains 15 MTG cards. That equates to 1 Traditional Foil double-sided token, with a random combination of 5 uncommon and common cards, 5 cards either Rare or higher, and 1 Land card. 10-12 of these will be traditional foils. You’ll also get 3 borderless pretties (minimum!)
These boosters also boast additions unique to this set, like shimmering confetti foil cards and anime art editions!
So what are you waiting for? Sleeping Beauty is already awake! Enter the wild woods of Eldraine today and check out what we have in stock! Remember, if you want to order a full display box, be sure to contact us to check availability!
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