Get Ready to Butter Up Your Collection with BTS Funko Pops!

Get Ready to Butter Up Your Collection with BTS Funko Pops!

 Hey there, fellow ARMY! Remember those slick moves BTS pulled off in the "Butter" music video? Well, hold onto your dairy products because we've got an offer that'll make you dance in an elevator with joy!

You can snag all seven BTS members in their coolest pose from the video for just £70! That's right, less than £10 each! Individually, these Funko Pops strut their stuff at £13, so you're practically pulling off a heist (like a criminal undercover) collecting these Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

This set includes

#285 (Jungkook)
#279 (RM)
#284 (V)
#281 (Suga)
#283 (Jimin)
#282 (J-Hope)
#280 (Jin)
    We all have our faves (I'm personally all about Suga), but nothing beats having the whole squad. I mean, why settle for one clapperboard when you can have all seven? Speaking of which:

    Did you know those mysterious numbers on the clapperboards, next to the members’ birthdates, hold some secret BTS code? If you're a full-blown ARMY, you probably already know, but for those who don't, it's a secret handshake into the world of BTS. Not to be confused with the game BTS World...


    Jungkook's number marks the day BTS moved into their first 56-square-meter dorm in Nonhyeon-dong. J-Hope's number is like a Korean-style 'kiss,' very suave. V's number is code for 'I miss you' on Cyworld, the Korean social platform. Jimin's number? It's a nod to their first BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet tour. Jin's number, well, let's call it a random charm (he's worldwide handsome, after all). And then there's Suga, whose numbers are a string of digits he randomly punched into his phone… that's why he's my favourite.

    But hey, enough of my sidetracking or should I say side-stepping – a dad joke I hope Jin himself would appreciate. These BTS Funko Pops make for essential collectables. From their stylish suits to their iconic accessories, they've got that superstar glow, down pat. And now, you can bring them all together!
    Even if you're not a fan yourself, you probably know someone who's BTS-obsessed. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a fellow BTS enthusiast, these Funko Pops make great gifts.

    Simply add the complete collection to your cart, and at checkout, watch the magic happen as the price drops from £91 (individual pricing) to just £70 for all seven Funko Pops. Then get ready to groove to "Butter" with your lovely crew in tow! 💜🕺

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