Just In: Cool! Merch Best Christmas Jumpers – Top 10 Must-Haves!

Just In: Cool! Merch Best Christmas Jumpers – Top 10 Must-Haves!

Get warm and toasty this holiday season with our latest and greatest Christmas jumpers. Why settle for the usual snowflakes and Christmas tree motifs when you can showcase your festive spirit with twists on your favourite movies, TV shows, and even anime franchises?

We’ve broken down our top ten favourite Christmas jumpers (in no particular order) that have just dropped at Cool! Merch. Get your cup of hot chocolate at the ready. Let the Christmas jumper countdown begin! 🎄

Star Wars: Darth Vader Christmas Jumper

Darth Vader Christmas jumper, reads 'I find your lack of cheer disturbing.'

"I find your lack of cheer disturbing" – bring the force to your festivities with our Star Wars Christmas jumper. The Darth Vader design combines his iconic line with his equally iconic helmet, creating a perfect blend of holiday joy and galactic presence.

Mandalorian: Grogu in a Stocking Christmas Jumper

Star Wars Grogu in a Christmas stocking, Christmas jumper
    Everyone loves Grogu, and we totally get it! You can actually choose from two awesome designs featuring the lil' green guy. But we love the version of the Child popping out of a Christmas stocking most of all. Hurry though, stock is running low on this heartwarming jumper. Grab yours before it disappears!

    Lord of the Rings: Eye of Sauron Christmas Jumper

      Lord of the Rings Christmas Jumper featuring the eye of Sauron and the fellowship (in silhouette) marching along the mountains.
      We’ve never stocked (or seen... no pun intended) a Lord of the Rings Christmas Jumper before so this had to make the list! Complete with the silhouettes of the fellowship marching across the mountains on the front, and Sauron's watchful eye, it's uniquely festive for fans of the epic saga.

      Spider-Man Christmas Jumper

        Spider-Man Christmas jumper featuring the Spider-Man logo.

        Swing into the Christmas party with a Spider-Man Christmas jumper. This seasonal twist on the web-slinger's iconic suit is perfect for all ages. And yes, we even have a matching Spider-Gwen version for the ultimate power couple.
        (Hey! Couples-dressing is fun at Christmas, no matter what anyone says…)

        Nightmare Before Christmas 8-bit Christmas Jumper

          Nightmare Before Christmas jumper in an 8-bit, video-game style.

          Experience Nightmare Before Christmas in a whole new way with our 8-bit style jumper. Translating beautifully to knitwear, this design brings Halloween and Christmas together in a way that the Pumpkin King would undoubtedly love. And just look at those colours! Lovely.

          One Piece Christmas Jumper

            One Piece Christmas jumper, featuring a skull and crossbones in a straw hat!

            Anime lovers, rejoice! Our One Piece Christmas jumper swaps out snowflakes for swashbuckling pattern work around the cuffs and hem. And if that wasn’t enough pirate for you, the Going Merry features on each sleeve, with the iconic straw hat-wearing skull and crossbones on the front. It's an awesome addition to your holiday wardrobe.

            Pokémon Starters Christmas Jumper

              Pokemon Christmas jumper featuring the original starting Pokemon (and Pikachu!)

              Catch 'em all in our Pokémon Starters Christmas Jumper. Although we have designs for Eevee and Bulbasaur (complete with fabric pom-poms) this jumper is a great 'all-rounder'. Featuring all of the classic starters with Pikachu front and centre, this festive design in classic colours is a jolly addition to any Pokémon trainer’s wardrobe.

              Simpson’s Homer Christmas Jumper

                Simpsons Christmas jumper featuring Santa Homer and reads: 'Doh-Ho-Ho.'

                For animated TV enthusiasts, The Simpson’s jumper featuring a jolly Homer dressed as Santa is a must-have. With a string of doughnuts and a playful "Doh ho ho" below the neckline, it's a festive nod to everyone's favourite animated family.

                Don’t like The Simpson’s? We have SpongeBob SquarePants (selling very fast) and an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumper, too!

                Stranger Things Hellfire Club Christmas Jumper

                  Stranger Things Hellfire Club logo Christmas Jumper.

                  Join the Hellfire Club from Stranger Things season 4 with this awesome Christmas Jumper. The Hellfire Club has become pretty darn iconic so why not inject a little D&D into your Christmas celebrations this year? Featuring dice and Demogorgon pattern work as well as the iconic logo, you can't go wrong with a festive, Hawkins High, D&D club uniform.

                  Gryffindor Christmas Jumper

                    Harry Potter House Gryffindor Christmas Jumper (black with crest!)

                    Transport yourself to Hogwarts with our Harry Potter Gryffindor Christmas jumper. A bit more subtle, this lovely sweater features the gold and red house colours and insignias on the arms. We also have a Hufflepuff version but no Slytherin or Ravenclaw left — fear not, we have house-themed winter hats, gloves, and scarves available instead.

                    Explore the full range — sizes range from XS to XXL. Got questions? Contact us today! Order online before the 18th for delivery by Christmas. If you miss the deadline, remember you can still click and collect from one of our stores... oh, and Merry Christmas! We hope you have a snuggly one🎄
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