Cool! Merch Ultimate Loungefly Bag Care Guide!

Cool! Merch Ultimate Loungefly Bag Care Guide!

Hey, Loungefly enthusiasts!

We know you've got that gorgeous bag slung over your shoulder, and you want to keep it looking as fabulous as the day you got it from us. Fear not! We've got some tips and tricks that'll have you strutting your stuff without worrying about wear and tear.


Where is Your Bag is Happiest?

First things first, when your Loungefly bag is taking a break, give it a cosy spot – cool, dry, and away from direct light and heat sources. Those vibrant colours deserve to stay vibrant, right?

Peter Pan glow in the dark Loungefly bag filled with brown paper stuffing.
If you've got the space, hanging the bag helps maintain its shape, or you could go the extra mile and stuff it with tissue paper to keep it on top-form; just ask us for a bag still in the wrapping! And don’t use newspaper or magazines for the task we beg you - you don’t want the ink to leak…

For extra TLC, a protective bag (dust or cloth, take your pick) will keep it looking brand spanking new! 



Bags Need Baths (Sometimes)

If you need to spot clean your bag, grab mild soap, cool water, and give it a gentle scrub.

Peter Plan glow-in-the-dark Loungefly bag alongside a microfibre cloth and sponge.
Microfibre cloths are your BFFs for this mission. Microfibres (like the name suggests) are so small they’re able to attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles. If you don’t own one, any soft brush or sponge will do.

If your bag needs a more serious spa day, always check its label first – Loungefly loves mixing up materials. If it's a 'yes' to a bath, fill a tub with cool water and gentle laundry detergent. Work up some suds, and scrub the bag with a soft sponge or brush (soft toothbrushes are A+), and voila. Your bag's looking fresh! Just remember to let the bag air dry; pat it down first to soak up the excess water and be sure to leave the pockets unzipped.

Loungefly backpack cleaned with a white sponge.
For stickier situations, like gum sneaking onto your bag, ice cubes are your best bet. Use the cubes to harden the gum up, and then very, very carefully scrape away the residue. 

Don't neglect the interior lining either. Turn the lining out, wipe it down with warm water and mild soap (vacuum off any dust first – we've all been there). Your bag's insides deserve as much love as the outside!

For stubborn stains, you should be okay with stain remover just go easy.


General Tips

Rainy Days & Carry Weight 

Sure, you love your Loungefly backpack, but don't go crazy overstuffing it. Delicate fabrics can tear over time, that includes the lining, and we really don’t want that.

Avatar the Last Airbender Loungefly mini backpack next to a bowl of water.

Waterproof? Nope, but they can handle a splash or two. If your bag dances in the rain, just make sure it air-dries completely before cosying up in storage. Water can deteriorate the material over time leading to peeling or worse.

Pro tip: dab off excess water with paper towels before air drying.

There you have it, Loungefly lover – a starting guide to care, storage, and keeping your bag fabulous. Now go out there and rock that bag with confidence! 🌟✨

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