Rock Your Style: Exploring Must-Have Merch from Ghost, Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon & More!

Rock Your Style: Exploring Must-Have Merch from Ghost, Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon & More!

Want to inject your wardrobe with a streak of rock and a heavy dose of metal? We've got you covered with a vast catalogue of band merchandise featuring some of the hottest names in the music scene - and it's only expanding. So get prepped for our run-down of the best band Merch to drop at Cool! Merch. Featuring, Ghost, Blink182, Sleep Token, Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, and Deftones. 

From hoodies and beanies to band tees and backpacks, let’s explore the must-have merch that will make you stand out in any crowd!

Ghost: Unearth the Spectral Swag

If you're a fan of theatrical heavy metal, Ghost is undoubtedly on your radar. Their band merch is as hauntingly captivating as their performances. From Ghost band merchandise that features the iconic Nameless Ghouls to ethereal designs inspired by their latest album, the collection is a visual treat. Deck yourself (and home) out in Ghost band merch to summon the spirits of heavy metal fashion.

Blink182: Nostalgia with a Dash of Punk

Bringing the punk-rock vibes to your wardrobe, Blink182's merch is a blend of nostalgia (hey, all you 90s kids) and a contemporary edge. Picture yourself rocking out in a Blink 182 sweatshirt, spinning their Greatest Hits vinyl, and reminiscing about the good old days. Dive head-first into our colourful range that reflects the band's evolution. From their iconic hits to their latest songs, every piece a timeless addition to your collection.

Sleep Token: Brand New to Cool Merch!

Sleep Token, THE anonymous band that weaves ethereal sounds and lyrics into their musical tapestry. For the first time, we’re stocking officially licensed merch - from Sleep Token t-shirts to long-sleeved shirts and hoodies. Immerse yourself in the third studio album "Take Me Back to Eden" and more through our range of clothing. Adorned with striking graphics and motifs, each echoes the power of rock music and the intensity of metal. Your journey into Sleep Token's Eden awaits…

Slipknot: Unleash the Madness

For those who crave the intensity of heavy heavy metal, Slipknot's band merch is a riot of masks, alternative lyrics, and grungy graphics. Slip into a Slipknot t-shirt featuring their iconic logo and, while you're at it, delve deeper into the world of Iowa, The Gray Chapter, and others. We have wearables from gloves and socks to tees. Even better we have heaps of cool accessories to choose from, including Slipknot plectrums, a goat head bottle opener (now on sale) & more!

Bring Me The Horizon: Lost in Style

Bringing a fusion of metalcore and alternative elements, Bring Me The Horizon's merch is a journey through their musical evolution. Whether you're after the iconic Bring me the horizon logo or seeking items from their latest world tour, NX_GN, the collection is an embodiment of their unique sound. Whether it’s a hoodie, bmth t-shirt, cap, or vinyl, get lost in their discography with lyrics and setlist-inspired pieces.

Deftones: Nu Metal Mood

Best for last! Exploring the world of Deftones merch is as sweet as entering into the impeccable musical chronicles, led by frontman Chino Moreno. From the iconic Deftones Around The Fur to their latest releases, the collection is a testament to their influential albums and iconic imagery. Whether you're a fan of their t-shirts or looking for Deftones tour memorabilia, you'll find pieces that resonate with the ambient intensity of their music. There’s something for every album (and mood).

In the Store of Rock Dreams

Unveiling Alternative Clothing

Whether rock or metal, Cool! Merch is your ultimate destination for alternative band clothing. Know that you're getting the best in officially licensed band t-shirts, including the coveted Amplified collection. And elevate your style with vintage graphics and alternative fashion that speaks volumes without saying a word. Sizes range from S-3XL (and above on selected lines.) So gear up, rock enthusiasts 🤘

Can’t find the band or design you're looking for? Contact us today and we’ll see what we can do! Music merch is where we started, and we love pairing people with their fave bands. If you live locally, pop into one of our brick and mortar Cool! Merch shops. We’d love to chat.
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