Say 'Boo' To The Halloween Loungefly Collection 👻

Say 'Boo' To The Halloween Loungefly Collection 👻

At Cool! Merch, we've got a serious soft spot for all things Loungefly — in fact, you could say some of us might have a slight collector's obsession. You too? We totally understand. In fact, get ready to geek out with us. We're diving into the latest Loungefly collection, where fandom meets wearable fashion in the best way. 

If you thought the Autumn 2023 batch was festive, it looks as though the spooky season is in full swing over at Loungefly HQ! This collection has a captivating cornucopia of ghostly goodies. Think of it like a bag o’ pick and mix, filled to the brim with different sweeties. From a glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters set to childhood scares and iconic monsters, this drop has a little bit of everything. And with twists and hidden details to match, they'll leave you bewitched, bothered, and bewildered (just don't get too obsessed!)

Whatever your bag - whether its a crossbody, mini backpack or wallet - you'll be well-prepped for Halloween 2023.

So, down your pixie sticks and witches brews, folks, and get ready as the lovely cool crew vote for their favourite LF offerings. 🕯️👻

What We're Loving... 

Night of the Living Dummy Crossbody

“My pick is this R.L. Stine book bag.
It reminds me of a well-spent childhood, checking out every Point Horror book in the library and scaring myself silly.”
Just as countless others lost themselves within the written pages of Goosebumps, this bag has awesome bookish details hidden inside! Perfect for the fearless readers among you 📖

Halloween Mini Backpack

"Just looking at the Michael Myers mini backpack puts the iconic piano theme into my head. It's such a faithful design with the Loungefly twist that we all know and love.” 

What twist you say? Besides popping up when you least expect him to, although (thankfully) the bag is stationary, this mini backpack also glows in the dark! Just in case you were in any doubt that Myers watches you from the dark... 🔪

Haunted Mansion Mini Backpack

"This is my fave baby of the new Loungefly! The portraits slide like the ride at Disney and it glows in the dark too. Ready for my Disney trip!"
Just like Disney's Haunted Mansion this bag is hiding all manner of kooky secrets. ✨

Georgia's honourable mentions go to The Michael Myers MBP and the Trick R Treat set - 'the perfect pumpkin!' Speaking of which...


Trick R Treat Mini Backpack


Holly said at the mere sight of the Trick R Treat Pumpkin backpack... and who can really blame her?

With a little Sam who slides up and down from the front pocket, this bag is equal parts trick and 'aww.' Still not tricksy enough for you? There's a Sam crossbody in the set who has a different face on each side 😈  


Annabelle Cosplay Mini Backpack

Kate is a fan of all things Loungefly and, as it happens, anything from the Conjuring universe! So, when the Annabelle backpack and wallet showed up it was like a dream. Or, you know, to keep it seasonal, a nightmare come true!

From the chilling silhouette of the baby stroller on the back of the mini backpack to the plastic front of the wallet, simulating her iconic display case, who can resist? Kate sure can't. And maybe she shouldn't - you wouldn't want to get into a game of tag with this doll 🫣

So, are you ready to up your accessory game and channel your inner fandom? Don't miss out on the wickedly cool Loungefly collection that's now up for grabs at Cool! Merch. If you want to be the first to know about upcoming Loungefly releases, exclusive sales, and all things geek-chic, sign up for our newsletter for updates 💌

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