The Cool! Merch Guide to Stocking Fillers

The Cool! Merch Guide to Stocking Fillers

Hey there, fellow early birds! Christmas might still be a sleigh ride away, but it's never too soon to get your festive mojo going. And what better way to kickstart the season than by stocking up on some stellar stocking fillers? We've rounded up a sleigh-load of goodies that are perfect for the geek in your life. So, grab a mug of hot cocoa, cozy up, and let's dive into the magic of stocking stuffers!

a stack of Disney Funko Bitty Pops!

Funko Bitty Pops - Pop Culture Magic in Miniature

Picture this: a teeny tiny collectible figure that fits right in the palm of your hand. These Funko Bitty Pops are an absolute must-have for Funko and pop culture lovers.

Each set comes with four or five pint-sized characters and a mini chase figure tucked away as a delightful surprise. And, the best part? You get a tiny display case to put them in, making them the stars of your holiday decor! 🎄

a stack of One Piece mystery boxes and miniature models

Mystery Minis and Blind Bags - Unwrap the Mystery

Are you ready for some mystery and excitement? We've got blind bags for all tastes, from Marvel heroes to Disney princesses, pins to mini figures. The thrill of not knowing which character you'll get makes these a perfect stocking stuffer.

Plus, there's almost always a limited edition hidden in the mix. So, grab a few and get ready to be pleasantly surprised! ✨


a rubber keyring of the Batman logo

Rubber Keyrings - Time to Accessorise

Our mammoth collection of rubber keyrings spans cult brands like Zombie Make Out Club to massive franchises like Star Wars, Back to the Future and Batman. Music, film, animation and more. These keyrings are not only durable but also a burst of colour for your keys or backpack. And the best part? They're just £3 each - a steal. If you buy three, you'll snag them for even less. 


a badge pack for the live-action One Piece show on Netflix

Badge Packs - Collect 'em All!

Everyone knows that you can’t just stop at one badge. You’ve got to transform your jeans/bag/jacket into a pin cushion before you consider stopping (really, it’s like an addiction!) Well, if you're a pin and badge enthusiast, we've got something that'll make your heart skip a beat. Our badge packs include five badges of different designs and sizes, making it easy to curate your collection. Whether you're into anime, gaming, or film, these packs are perfect for flaunting your pop culture passions.


Funko Pocket Pop keychain of Robin, from Stranger Things Season 4

Funko Pocket Pops - Pop Culture On the Go

Not a fan of tiny collectibles or rubber keyrings? No worries! Funko Pocket Pop keychains are here to save the day instead. An awesome middle ground, they bridge the gap between collectible figures and accessorising. They feature your favourite full-size Funko designs but in a compact, portable form. Clip them to your keys, bag, or even your Christmas stockings for a touch of pop culture flair wherever you go. They also come in cute little display boxes - the perfect size for tucking away inside a stocking.


a pair of Slipknot socks

Band Socks - Walk in Style

Let's face it, Christmas isn't Christmas without socks. But forget those mundane colours and designs. Try something a little more exciting for your loved ones this year. We've got a range of band merch socks featuring legends like Bowie, the Beatles, and AC/DC. Walk about in style, just like your favourite musicians, with these music-inspired foot warmers. 

*Psst! We also have a few Pokemon designs too, like Eevee knee high socks, Bulbasur trainer socks, and more!*


a set of four Garrison Pub shot glasses, from Peaky Blinders.

Shot Glasses - Raise a Toast to the Season

Might we suggest something a little stronger, perfect for those who are young at heart but a little older in spirit. Make merry this holiday season with our film and music themed hip flasks and shot glasses!

Whether its a set of Jaws shot glasses, or singles paying homage to legends like Metallica, these compact, collectible shot glasses and hip flasks make for an excellent receptacle for your Christmas tipples. They fit snugly in a stocking for a delightful surprise, too. Cheers!

a Gryffindor stocking-shaped Christmas decoration, from Harry Potter

Christmas Decorations - Make Your Christmas Cool

Tired of the same old ornaments? Want to give your Christmas tree a unique twist? Look no further! We've got a fantastic range of themed Christmas decorations inspired by Disney classics, Harry Potter, superheroes, and more. Each decoration comes in a special box with a ribbon dangler, so you don't even need to worry about wrapping it. Why settle for an ordinary Christmas tree this year?


a set of orange Oakie Doakie dice, glowing in the dark

Dice - For the Game Enthusiast & Collector

For those who are passionate about gaming, we've got your gifts covered. Our collection includes dice from top brands like Oakie Doakie, Sirius, D&D, Chessex, and more, with various materials to choose from. Metal, glow-in-the-dark, marbled, glittery - you name it, we have it. There's a dice set for every personality, and we even offer dice bags to keep them safe and organised. Whether you're rolling for a critical hit or just admiring the artistry, these dice are a perfect stocking stuffer.


Cool Merch Logo

Cool! Merch Gift Card - The Ultimate Choice

Not quite sure what to get your loved one? With so much to choose from within every interest, we've got the pièce de résistance: our Cool! Merch gift card. 

You can load it with money from £5 all the way up to £100 online. The physical card will then be delivered straight to your door, ready to be tucked into the stocking of your choice. It's the gift that keeps on giving, as it's valid for a whole year. Perfect for those who have discerning tastes in gaming, films, anime, and beyond, this gift card is the ultimate solution to your gifting dilemmas.

So there you have it, our early bird's guide to stocking fillers that'll bring joy to every pop-culture-lover’s heart. With these cool additions to your stocking stuffer list, you'll have something for everyone in your circle of friends and family. From unique Christmas decorations and socks to dice for the gaming enthusiast, collectable keychains and a versatile gift card, this holiday season is sure to be filled with surprises and delight. 

Make your list, check it twice, and get ready to spread some festive cheer! It's never too early, so don't wait – dive into the world of pop culture magic and make this holiday season unforgettable.

To all our wonderful customers, thank you for being a part of our community. We can't wait to hear about your excitement as you open these fantastic stocking stuffers. Stay geeky, stay jolly, and let's make this Christmas the best one yet! 🎁

From, The Cool! Merch Team xx
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