Unearth the Ultimate Horror Figures this Halloween!

Unearth the Ultimate Horror Figures this Halloween!

Halloween isn’t complete without a host of ghosts, ghouls, witches, and monsters, right? In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s the monsters (both the human and inhuman variety) that live on in our memories.

We love a good hero at Cool! Merch but for every Bill Denborough there is a Pennywise. For every Nancy, there’s a Freddy. For every Ed & Lorraine Warren, there’s a Nun, or an Annabelle doll, or... you get the picture.

So, we’re rounding up our top ten horror figures at Cool Merch this Halloween! Taking care to select a range for collectors and casual fans alike, from the scariest of slashers to the most memorable creature-features. Move over Captain Spalding! We’ve got a list of Monsters and Madmen that will keep your spines tingled and gooses-bumped - from the safety of your display cabinet.

Our Ten Favourite Halloween Figures at Cool Merch!


Michael Myers Blacklight Exclusive Funko Pop — £18

🔪 Dive into the darkness with Michael Myers, like you’ve never seen him before.

This awesome blacklight, neon edition Funko Pop! of the slasher icon makes for a unique addition to any collection - Funko or Halloween-themed. Michael not your thing? Funko have also released blacklight version of other characters, too, like our favourite 'good guy' Chucky!




Collectable ReAction Figures — £20 each

👹 The likes of Tim Curry's Pennywise is back... and he's brought a few friends, like Reagan MacNeil!

Grinning and pea soup splattered - she isn’t holding back either. Join the fun with these chilling ReAction figures that stand at a (much less intimidating) 3.75" tall.

We also stock ReAction stands, so you can display them proudly, and properly!


Universal Monsters - Bride of Frankenstein — £45

⚡️ The Bride of Frankenstein is alive!

This detailed Universal Monster figure captures the essence of classic horror and makes for a mesmerising addition to your collection. She wears a cloth dress, comes in both black & white and colour versions, and stands at 7". Not your monster? Never fear (or do!) From Dracula to The Mummy, we have many more to choose from.



Living Dead Dolls, The Nun — £45

✝️ Step into The Conjuring universe with The Nun herself.

A fan favourite, her first appearance in The Conjuring 2 has spawned her own spin-offs, including a recent sequel.

Standing tall at 10 inches, this terrifyingly cute Living Dead Doll is the perfect addition to your dark rooms and shadowy corners. 




Talking Tiffany — £90

👰🏼‍♀️ Chucky’s partner-in-crime, Tiffany, is pretty talkative!

With phrases straight from the Seed of Chucky and a detailed design and clothing, this doll is a must-have for any Child’s Play fan.

Complete with glass eyes, lace dress, and eleven points of articulation, we have only one thing to say:
'Barbie, eat your heart out.'




Ghostface Roto Plush — £100

😱 This Roto Plush is both cuddly and creepy...

Standing at 18 inches tall this soft Ghostface can move his head about - perfect for peeking around doorways and popping up where you least expect. 

If you don't want to dirty his cloth cape, that's cool. He comes in an awesome window-display box too.



Leatherface Clothed Figure — £110

⛓️ If it's terror you want, it's terror you'll have.

This One:12 Leatherface figure from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is here to haunt your nightmares.

Designed with collectors in mind, he comes fully loaded with gruesome accessories. He even makes the chainsaw revving sound - just in case you somehow managed to forget what your nightmares sound like...



Alien Collectible Figure — £110

👽 The perfect organism, this is one Xenomorph you should take back with you.

Incredibly posable and including film-accurate accessories (including a face hugger), this figure has a level of detail Stan Winston himself would appreciate. It has a hinged pharyngeal jaw and more than one inner mouth, as well as an interchangeable chest plate. A worthy addition to any Alien fan's collection.




Billy the Puppet NECA Collectable— £130

🧰 Wanna play a game?

Billy the Puppet from Saw is back (just in time for the release of SAW X!) and this time, he’s riding a trike. This 12" tall, highly detailed, Neca figure plays a sound from the movie with just the push of a button. One that isn't attached to some brutal trick - we promise! 



Pennywise Official Premium Scale Doll— £625

🎈 Time to float.

This spectacular Pennywise figure measures in at 50" tall. Perfect for scaring yourself in the middle of the night when you forget he's there... 

He is made of soft flexible foam, with an industrial strength, poseable aluminum frame inside. His clothing is movie accurate and the figure itself is painted with incredible care and attention to detail. The IT Pennywise Premium Scale Doll also comes in a themed window box - a good alternative as he doesn't actually stand without support. 

*Pennywise is so tall at 50" (and heavy) we can't ship him online! But you can buy him in store. Please visit our store page and contact a member of our staff for enquiries!


So what do you think of our list?
Don’t miss your chance to bring these spine-tingling figures home this Halloween season. Build your ultimate Halloween figure collection at Cool! Merch! 

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